When it comes to Italian food, there are two main variables sauce and noodle, with both capable of inflating the stomach. The good news is that by choosing the right Italian restaurant food, they don't have to. Lovers of Italian food are advised to visit a Chelsea italian restaurant or any other offering Italian delicacies to find out which meals are nutritionally healthy. Below are some of the healthy foods served in most Italian restaurants.

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This dish is considered an Italian version of salsa and chips, but has a lot in store for anyone who orders it than a huge helping of fried tortillas. The dish contained in a full order has about 600 calories, ideal for a table of four. Only the mussels contained in the dish make for a better start to the meal, since they are packed with proteins and low in fat.

Penne alla Vodka

In this dish, the alcohol gets cooked off. However, it does assist in extracting the flavours that would have otherwise remained inside the tomatoes prior to it going. The type of sauce that accompanies it depends on the ingredients used in the dish recipe. A diner is advised to ask the waiter if the colour of the soup is the faded pink of the white zinfandel wine or the red of a tomato soup. If it is pink the diner should look for another restaurant.

Baked Ziti

On a calorie meter, this pasta type falls somewhere between spaghetti with red sauce and lasagna. It is prepared by tossing it in marinana and then baking it with a piece of cheese on top. However, the dish should be avoided like plague if the menu mentions it will be served with sausage.


In the Italian language, this dish means parmesan but on a Chelsea menu, it means a battery of cheese, oil and sauce. Such treatment can turn a healthy and harmless vegetable into a time bomb worth 1000 calories. However, the calorie count can be reduced into half by replacing the cheese and sauce with chicken or eggplant. To make and enjoy this delicious meal, some oily breading is not needed.


Marinara, pesto, Alfredo, butter and Parmesan are the big players in Italian food choices hence it is vital for a diner's nutritional success to know what they have in offer. Marinara is virtually free of fat, and it delivers at least a serving of fruit, which is tomatoes packed with anti-dioxidants. Pesto may be high in fat, but most of this fat monosaturated from olive oil, hence quite healthy. Whats more, the addition of garlic and basil incorporates a concentrated punch of compounds for fighting cancer.

Butter and parmesan forms the food of choice almost half of Chelsea's young diners. This dish offers just quick burning carbs from the pasta and fat from the sauce. On the other hand, Alfredo is similar to parmesan and butter, the only difference being that there is addition of heavy ice cream. This means it should be avoided at all costs.